Ravensworth Press is an independent game, magazine and book publisher.

Ravensworth studios is a subsidiary of Ravensworth Press. It handles graphic design, filmaking and podcasting.inside of WordPress.


4 responses to “About

  1. Why another Fantasy miniatures game?????
    got any ideas for something different???

    • Ed,
      Yes we do actually. Most Fantasy miniatures games are based on a skirmish type of game. We are going to do a mass battle rule set that is less reliant on Heroes and special units to win. The Heroes will play a part as leaders but you will not see a single hero routing entire units by himself. We also have designed a game mechanic that places a good amount of emphasis on command and control.
      There are many good skirmish games out there for fantasy miniatures. In fighting a large scale campaign we found them to not be what we desired so we came up with Banner and Axe. It can also be used in a standard Medieval campaign as we are including army lists for the 100 years war.
      Hope that answers your question if not let me know.

  2. sounds alot like warmaster and warhammer ancients to me. Good luck with your plan ….

    • Warhammer ancients is a skirmish combat system with indivdually based figures as well.
      Warmaster is really a DBM/DBA clone. Good game but still not the kind of campaign system we were looking for as it is a bit to abstract.

      I appreciate the good wishes. At least it’s not another Napoleonics rule set.

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