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Ravensworth Press Announces First Releases

Ravensworth Press is pleased to announce our first product, Stacking Limit. Stacking Limit will cover RPG’s, Boardgames, and tabletop miniature gaming. The planned release date is the last week in March. Stacking Limit will be available as a PDF download, Online, and in Print. The inaugural issue will be free online and as a PDF download, the printed version price has yet to be determined.

Ravensworth Press was founded as a game publisher and media company in Elkton Virginia by Andrew Franke, Zachary Gregory, David Shell, Amanda Shell and Melinda Franke. In addition to Stacking limit we will be publishing Banner and Axe, a tabletop miniatures rule set for fantasy and medieval combat in summer 2009. We will be publishing the Campaign World for Banner and Axe in fall 2009 as well as a Historical Boardgame of the Battle of Chantilly.

The Ravensworth Press website will be online in the middle of March and will feature previews of upcoming products as well as reviews of other games. Further information will be available in the coming weeks.

Andrew J. Franke

Creative Director

Ravensworth Press



Ravensworth Press opens their doors


Elkton, Virginia

Ravensworth Press announces the Beta Release of it’s new minatures Game Banner and Axe.

Banner and Axe is designed for fantasy medieval battles. It places an emphasis on large battles. Banner and Axe is designed to be used with any miniature line, scale, or base. All Units in this game are mounted on a 3×5 unit base.

“We have been developing this product for 2 years and will be releasing playtest copies to a larger audience for the first time. We are very excited to be able to place this in gamers hands.”  Andrew Franke Creative Director Ravensworth Press


Please Visit for more details.